Sunday, December 6, 2009

For inspiration while studying for exams . . .

A former student to whom I will always be grateful turned me on to the Dropkick Murphys. I think some of you might find some inspiration in this song, The Gauntlet, during these difficult days of studying for exams that you don't quite know what to expect from. In particular, I like these lyrics:

Do you think we're gonna make it?
I don't know unless we try
you could sit here scared to move
or we could take them by surprise . . .

Stand up and fight and I'll stand up with you
We shall succeed,
Stand up and fight and I'll stand up with you . . .


  1. Although I have a profound hatred for the Red Sox, I do groove to this band from time to time..."Under Pressure" by Queen is a good tune for the times as well

  2. Jim Browitt12/9/09, 8:58 AM

    Along these lines, two songs come to mind ... actually a number of songs do, including every drinking-related tune done by George Thorogood, but two resonate -- Stranglehold and Won't Get Fooled Again

  3. I am gonna have to say I groove agree with the Dropkick Murphy's and Queen for sure.... I go for something a little more inspirational with "we are the champions" and for when the last test for the semester is finished I would go with "Another One Bites the dust".... I suggest "we will rock them", those tests I mean....

  4. jack dekovich12/13/09, 4:48 PM

    everyone knows its all about motorhead

  5. Haha that is some great music but I personally had on "Schools out" by Alice Cooper